I'm Sean.

I’m a designer specializing in working with small businesses to create amazing brands and websites.

About Me

Professional me

is a freelance full-stack designer helping small businesses with web design and branding. Many of the businesses I work with have yet to tackle the challenges of creating a complete and cohesive strategy for their brand. These are my favorite projects to undertake.

I enjoy working with both B2B & B2C service-based businesses across a variety of industries. If you think we’re a good fit and should work together, please email me.

Casual me

dabbles in real estate, woodworking, and the outdoors. If I’m not out doing one of these you will most likely find me at home, cooking dinner, and enjoying the evening with family and friends.

All of me

constantly strives to be disciplined in everything that I do. Being involved in sports from the very begging of my life, I quickly adopted the mantra "if you're going to do a job, do it right". This principle has long been a foundation in my life and I continue to live by it every day.

My Work

SBAZ Properties

SBAZ Properties is the face of all things Real Estate for me. My partner and I recently re-branded and wanted to create a unique experience for our clients and investors. I wanted a simple, elegant solution that represents us both and that can be scaled in the future.

Bullhead BBB

The Bullhead Business Builders are a small local business network serving the needs of local business owners. They are a referral and coaching network whose main focus is the development and success of their members.

They commissioned me to expand their current branding as well as design and develop a website to meet the ever changing needs of their members.

Villainous Design

Villainous Design is me if I were a full-service agency. It’s unique, modern, and aggressive - basically how I would run it if it were real.